Qazo #1 DENIED

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Qazo #1 DENIED

Post by QazoLegend on Wed Mar 02, 2016 6:19 pm

Link to your Plazma Burst 2 profile:

List all your alternate accounts with links:n/a

Past Clans(alternate accounts included):Weezy(20+Members_

Why did you leave those?
No reason.I want to Make A rise for other clans Like cavalier


How long are you usually online(e.g 10am-2pm)?
3-6 Hours

Preferred Server:All (Cali,Wash And Eu)

Your ping in this server:Cali=149-180 (180 if too laggy-Snowing)
Favourite map/s:Any Really - Snipers.Warfare(RVB) And Rails

Why do you want to join Cavalier?
I want to make the clan rise.
What can You offer to benefit us?
As you can see my clan has 30+ members and i had a former clan with 60+ called qazorlex that died out when i went on holiday
Why do you think we'd acceppt you?
I have alot to offer
Have you read and understood the rules and agree with them?
Extra comments:

Qazo (Trialing for A Leader Rank)

Thank You for Your Viewing in my application Hope you reply ASAP



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Re: Qazo #1 DENIED

Post by Vinal on Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:47 pm

You forgot to list your link and didn't add a country(That's no matter anyways since I can see where you are from[IP adress] but keep that in mind).

Though you did not leave Weezy yet. I haven't seen any post regarding this in the website nor did you delete the tag.

What you can benefit to us... It was ment to give you a chance to explain what you're able to fulfill in general in order to support the clan.

Got alot to offer? k. But please specify on what you can offer. e.g. any WP experience, maturity, etc.

In all, a bit quick-made. I'd like you to re-answer The questions stated above(What cann you benefit to us/Why we should accept you).

You did not leave Weezy. You can re-apply in four(4) weeks.

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